Historical Development Awareness and prevention Methods
Legislation Development Annual Report
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Kinds of drugs Training
Harmful Impacts Call Us
Drug Types
Adverse Effects
Social Healthy Economic Security

As the drug abuser spends most of his income on narcotic substances and does not pay attention to his family requirements, he draws a bad example to his children...

The Most Important Cases
How to know the addict ?
  • The addict is suffering from hallucinogenic situations
  • All his life is dreams and unreal things and says abigous and misunderstanding words .
Its Impact
  • It leads to commit – suicide or die.
  • It makes dangerous psychological disorders.
The National Parties
On 20 March 1929, The Egyptian Cabinet approved the setting up of an Anti-Narcotics General...
Legislative Development
The Egyptian government became aware of drug dangers by the end of the nineteenth century due to its harmful effects on public health...