Conditions of Admission
The College sets some conditions

  •   To be a commissioned police officer.
  •   The percentage of the total degrees he obtained in Police and Law subjects on graduation from Police College must not be less than 65% ...
  • Post-Graduate Studies College


    The College Cultural Activities

    Cultural Activities

    The college witnesses, during the academic year, various cultural activities including several scientific and cultural symposia as well as numerous meetings. In the framework of these activities, the college issues a scientific adjudged magazine specialized in police science.

    An overview about such activities includes:

  •   The college issues a scientific semi-annual magazine. This is called...
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    Police College Study System
    Police College curricula are prepared and tailored according to specific standards to meet the educational and training needs. Evaluation of the said needs through...

    Conferences & Seminars

    Security as a Collective Responsibility

    Community policing represents a philosophy directing management methods and security strategies and confirming the idea of partnership...


    Latest Researches & Studies

    Legal Protection of Intellectual Property Rights

    IPR are considered as the cornerstone of any civilization. They form thoughts upon which man depends in...