Interpol Absence Report

The first meeting to discuss international cooperation titled “International Committee of Criminal Police” was held in 1933 in Vienna, Austria. But the work of this committee ceased as World War II broke down. The true birth of Interpol was in 1956 when its present name; International Criminal Police Organization (I.C.P.O Interpol) was accredited. Currently, Interpol member- states are 186 states. It is the greatest police organization on the international level and it is located in Lyon / France. .

IP Cairo's role:
  • To accomplish communication between the different police services inside Egypt and its counterparts in other countries.
  • Performing the legal procedures to pursue wanted criminals whether they are Egyptians or of other nationalities against whom issued legal sentences were passed by the Egyptian judicial authorities , or warrants of arrest to be present before Egyptian investigation authorities were issued , and to coordinate with the central bureaus in other countries to arrest them and to have them extradited to our country, IP Cairo circulates internationally on the following elements:
    • Fugitive wanted persons.
    • Unidentified corpses.
    • Absentees and missing persons.
    • Stolen vehicles/firearms.
    • Stolen and lost weapons.
    • Stolen antiquities or works of art.
    • Lost and stolen passports.

  • IP Cairo participates in the membership of bona-fide assistance committee to solve the problems resulting from mixed marriages through amicable means. This committee is periodically held in the premises of the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs with participation of delegates of Ministries of Interior, Justice and Foreign Affairs attempting to solve such problems by peaceful means where children’s interests are taken into consideration.
  • IP Cairo assists in carrying out the personal status judgments such as alimony and child guardianship judgments/decisions with human and social dimensions being taken into consideration while applying such judgments.



Dear Citizen
While using the website,if you know any information that may lead to reaching or recognizing any of the persons whose photographs are displayed herein, please go to the nearest police station or contact, in accordance with your place of residence,the following telephone numbers:
SECTOR OF PUBLIC SECURITY Sector Police Academy Premises, Abbassia Sq., Cairo

CAIRO 02/5122100
GIZA 02/7482705
KALIUBIA 013/3331267
ALEXANDRIA 03/4268800
MENOFIA 048/3333306
BEHIRA 045/3303959
ALWADI ALJADID 092/7901990
AL BAHR ALAHMAR 065/3545403
SOUTH-SINAI 069/3771968

TEL. 0115/012-4884414-012/4826565